About Us

"Chandroma groups" are the Brain child of Mr.Chhandak Chakroborty who is chief Executive Officer of the Company. About himself, he is a Law graduate from Calcutta University and has done his M.B.A (Marketing) and M.B.A (HR&IRPM) from premier B-school in India. He has 16 Years of Corporate Experience With difference corporate segments.

"Chandroma Groups" is a unique Identification and creation of values and Ethics in four different segments. Its activities are spreaded gradually in fashion, Financial services, Legal services and Marketing. This group will be famous for its unique activities in all four segments.

Unique Creativity and Productive Idea generations are the main theme of this company .This Company is always searching for creative Professionals who will add values to the Organization . "Chandroma" means "FIRST LIGHT OF THE MOON". We hope that our customers and the body corporates will get the first different lights from us that will give them satisfaction, taste of success and quality service.